Chicana Writers Series


Painting A Series Of The Chicana Writers In The 80’s Was My Way Of Showing My Admiration And Paying Tribute To Them. They Had Paved The Way For The Rest Of Us Who Had Just Begun To Write. Chicano Literature Is The Literature Written By Mexican Americans In The United States. It May Be Written In Either English Or Spanish, Or A Cobintion Of The Two: Spanglish. It Includes Those Works In Which A Writer’s Sense Of Ethnic Identity (Chicansmo) Animates His Or Her Work Through The Presentation Of Chicano Characters, Cultural Situations, And Patterns Of Speech. Chicano Literature Focuses On Themes Of Identity, Discrimination, Culture, And History With An Emphasis On Validating The Mexican American Experience Or Chicano Culture In The United States. This Is An Ongoing Series And Gloria Anzaldua Will Be The Next To Be Added. The Word Chicano Derives From The Aztecs, The Mexicas (Mechicas) And Is Not To Be Considered A Derogatory Word.